3 Important Tips ToGet Your Precious Yacht Handed Over To You Safely And Securely

When the largest superyachts of the world are to be transported to another location in time for the beginning of the season or to a complex spot at the request by the owner, yacht transportation companies come into picture to transport these giant vessels across huge distances and rough seas that can make even the most seasoned captains feel daunted.

Along with tight deadlines, these tasks involve millions worth of cargo that requires painstaking treatment and expert manoeuvering. To safely receive your precious possession, read the valuable information shared here by the experts at https://www.dazmac.com.au.

1. Choosing the Right Transport Company

Dazmac Logistics emphasises that before starting your preparations to transport your yacht halfway around the world, check the company you select to transport your yacht with.

Since there are plenty of scams in the yacht shifting market, you should be aware and alert. These fraud companies offer services without having knowledge, materials or even a transporter.Get correct information of boat and yacht transport at http://www.dazmac.com.au/yacht-boat-transport.html.

They collect 100% of the payment from the yacht owner upon signing the booking note and then never transport the yachts! You lose money and the yacht gets caught in the load port having no space in a marina any longer.

2. Cheap is Not Always the Best

Similar to most other things in life, a cheap shipping service doesn’t typically promise quality. Hence it’s worth paying a little more to make sure the yacht is in safe hands and also to keep away from any hidden costs that are not revealed upfront.

It’s quite tempting to accept the least cost for the shipping of your yacht since usually the rates are significantly high. Some shipping brokers may quote an incredibly low rate simply to get your business, but actually having no ability to bring the job to completion.

3. A Yacht Carrier is Different than a Yacht Transport Broker

It’s worth remembering that a yacht carrier or transport provider is different than a yacht transport broker. At first, it may seem that you have several transport providers to choose from; but when you take a closer look, most of them are in fact yacht transportation brokers.

Recently, several brokerage companies have rebranded themselves to look as “yacht carriers”; but most of them actually work in the capacity of a yacht transport broker.

System of these brokers is to book the end client, i.e. the owner of the yacht and then source the task of transportation of the yacht to a real carrier at a lower price than they charge to the end client and make a profit.

The problem here is that, in several cases, the broker will book the project at a price that is lower than an actual carrier will accept to shift the yacht.


Yacht carriers have come to know this game and don’t accept bookings at lower market rates from these brokers, thereby leaving those bookings incomplete, and confusing the industry further.

If you want to understand whether you are communicating to a broker or a carrier, ask the company to give you the contact information for the vessel agent at load as well as discharge ports, so that you are able to talk straight to them.

A carrier, unlike a broker, will have a good relationship with a vessel agent at every entry and departure port. If they are not able to provide those details, there are high chances that they are a broker.

Moreover, reputable yacht carriers will provide a service that takes care of your yacht from the load to the discharge port. You can think of this as approaching directly a wholesaler rather than a retailer to purchase an item.

Eliminating the middlemen and doing business straight with the wholesaler will usually give you a better deal and offer you a direct contact with the service provider.

Follow these tips and get your dream possession handed over to you safely and securely!