Avoid These 3 Things When Dealing With the Insurance Company after a Car Crash

After your horrid car crash, you finally get the call from the claim insurers in their sweet sounding deals. At first, it might feel like they care and understand you as well as your situation. Little to your knowledge they are actually trying to build a case against you. While your insurance claim might be able to cover damages, it’s important to consult a Seattle car accident lawyer before engaging with your insurance company.

Here are three things you need to avoid when dealing with the insurance company after that dreaded car crash:-

1. Never provide a recorded statement to the defendant’s insurance company

Insurance companies do this all the time after they contact you they might request a recorded statement. To safeguard your claim, you need to decline the request and direct them to your lawyer.

Insurance adjusters are well trained, and the questions they ask may sound innocent, but they are laying the groundwork against you. It’s essential to have a lawyer who handles all communications with the insurance agency.

This only applies to your defendant’s insurance agency but not your own.

2. Don’t accept a quick settlement

Medical bills piling every day and whispers of settling your claim on your ear can easily get you to settle. Insurance companies understand this very well and may purposely take longer to settle your claim.

A quick settlement may dilute the value of your claim, according to Washington auto insurance policy cover regardless of who bears the fault you can recover damages up to policy claims.  You need to understand that insurance companies may not consider the long-term effects of your injuries; signing a release claim means you will be unable to claim additional money from the insurance company later.

Before settling the claim, it’s important to understand the extent of your injuries. This means you need to understand whether you need extended medical attention after you have already healed. In addition, an excellent question to ask is if you will be able to return to your job and still perform at full capacity.

3. Never see the insurance recommended doctor

The doctor makes the final call on whether your injuries are extensive or not. When it comes to insurance doctors, some are either paid to undervalue your injuries or to the right of your injuries. Choose a doctor who is independent of insurance agencies and safeguard your claim from reckless doctors.

Insurance companies can be cunning especially when they want to save money. Don’t be swayed into believing their sweet deals by easily settling your claim without proper investigation. Stand your ground even with the piling medical bills and reduced income you will finally get the real value of your claim.

It’s important to involve a car accident lawyer to cover communication with the insurance agency. A lawyer has your best interest at hand and will ensure your claim is paid in full and according to the law.