Eliminate Aggressive Driving With Gps navigation Fleet Tracking Devices

Gps navigation fleet tracking devices will help you get rid of the aggressive driving habits of the motorists making your fleet safer.

What is Aggressive Driving?

The Nation’s Highway Traffic Safety Act (NHTSA) defines aggressive driving as occurring when a person commits a mix of moving traffic offenses in order to endanger property or any other persons. Including, however is not restricted to, tailgating, speeding, weaving interior and exterior traffic, running red lights or stop signs and stopping others from passing.

When applying g-forces to various driving maneuvers for example harsh speeding up, harsh cornering or harsh braking, what constitutes aggressive movement?

A pressure of ½ G inside a passenger vehicle when using the brakes would equal enough to throw a person for the controls and then any vehicle load would shift towards the front. Loose obstacles around the seat would probably be tossed towards the floor.

Likewise, harsh acceleration creating a ½ G pressure inside a passenger vehicle would make the driver to become tossed in their seat.

Some statistics:

Based on Automotive Fleet’s 2013 Accident Management Survey, there’s typically 21% of fleet vehicles involved with some type of crash every year

In 56% of fatal crashes between 2003 & 2007 aggressive driving actions were reported, with excessive speeding being the main factor, as sited through the NHTSA.

NHTSA also states nearly 1000 deaths per month are connected with speeding

Exceeding the published road posted speed limit or driving too quickly for conditions is really a element in nearly 1/3 of fatal crashes based on Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety

Many people don’t believe they’re a dangerous motorists. Inside a surprising 2008 survey through the Foundation’s Traffic Safety Culture Index, 78% of respondents rated aggressive motorists like a serious or very serious traffic problem. The majority of the same people then reported driving with techniques that may ‘t be considered aggressive.

Three from four motorists reported they feel they’re more careful than other motorists. What is the point? It is vital that all motorists, each of personal and/or commercial vehicles assess their very own driving habits.

For companies operating a number of vehicles, this really is frequently difficult to evaluate. Just one way of carrying this out is so that you can provide valuable feedback to motorists because they are performing the different driving maneuvers necessary during the day. This empowers these to change their driving habits before any management even needs to become involved. Our fleet tracking devices offer instant feedback for various aggressive driving instances.