Planning a Road Trip with Your Dog – a List of Do’s and Don’ts

For some pet owners, traveling with their pooch is sheer fun. Your dog is a family member, and if you are planning a long road trip, you can take him along with you. However, before you step out and start driving, a few things must be considered. We have enlisted a few do’s and don’ts that will surely come handy, especially if you are keen on avoiding the on-road hiccups.

Consider the safety of the dog

Dogs are curious animals, and they don’t like sitting in a place. For car trips, you might want to get a special harness or dog carrier for the animal. No matter how well trained the dog might be, he needs to be contained, as their energy levels can vary. Original AllSafe harness is a good choice for frequent car traveling, and you can even choose a decent carrier. Make sure that the dog has enough space and freedom to sleep, sit and stand.

Be careful with the food

For long road trips, you need to be extra cautious about the hydration levels of your dog. Instead of dry food, you can keep wet food pouches, which are not only handy but also have better water content. Also, don’t feed your dog right before the trip. Let’s say that you plan to leave at 12 pm. In this case, the last meal of the dog should be at 9 am. Give a gap of two to three hours before you drive.

Talk to your vet

Well, not all dogs can travel on longer trips. If you have an older dog over 7 years of age or a pooch that has motion sickness, make sure that you talk to your vet about your plans. He may suggest a few ideas and medicines that can be quite useful during the trip. On road trips, you never know what lies ahead, and it is best to be prepared.

Take breaks

Your dog can get tired along the way. On a road trip with your pet, you have to take small breaks after two hours at least, to ensure that the animal is not exhausted. Also, whenever you stop, make sure that the dog has enough water. As for food, your dog doesn’t need a lot, but if the distance is too long, you might want to take a stop for an hour.

Start planning now!