Six Things to Look for in an Auto Glass Repair Company

Your auto glass is an important safety feature of your vehicle. Apart from offering a barrier between you and the elements, it remains intact during accidents. Also, quality auto glass is important in terms of ensuring you can clearly see the road ahead. Cloudiness and distortions can make it hard for you to determine your distance from other objects. If you are looking to get your auto glass repaired, make sure you find the best auto glass company in Buford. Here’s what to expect from a good company.

Is Hands-on with Inspections

Buying auto glass from an established manufacturer is just the start. A good auto glass repair company knows that the glass has gone through many touches and transits before it arrives in the customer’s hands. Thus, make sure you pick a company that inspects every piece of glass thoroughly.

Uses Only High-Quality Materials for Installation

A good repair company uses quality materials in keeping your auto glass in place. They will use the adhesive that the auto glass maker uses. They make sure that there is 1,000 PSI of urethane used to surely hold the glass securely in place should a collision occurs.  A low-quality urethane will break your glass down and result in a loose windshield.

Recognizes that Auto Glass Repair is a Two-Person Job

A reputable auto glass repair company uses two technicians to install your auto glass. And these people are expected to complete the job immediately on the first try. An improperly placed windshield can lead to a shoddy-looking job. Also, it is possible for water and air to enter through this windshield.

Removes the Cowl Panel

A quality auto glass repair includes the removal of the cowl panel or the plastic cover located along the glass’ bottom. This can prevent the urethane from getting pushed aside. A number of companies try to finish their job fast so they slide or dip the glass to avoid this removal.

Provides a Lifetime Guarantee on their Services

A company that offers a guarantee stands behind their work’s quality. This indicates that the company is confident they have installed the glass using the industry-standard methods and quality materials. A good company will properly prime the pinch weld at every job for assured integrity.

Values their Customers

Having access to a company representative with experience in the auto glass repair job is quite essential. This ensures that you have a person to ask questions for your satisfaction as a customer.