Spare Parts that you Always Have in your Car wherever you Go

Car parts are the components that keep your vehicle up and running. But they will wear down and break over time. Where you drive your car and how long you drive affect the life of these parts. A number of vehicle parts fail because they are made with a limited lifespan. The frequency of replacing these parts depends on how much you drive your vehicle, where you drive it, how you maintain it and the way you drive it. Because car parts may wear without a notice, you will want to ensure you always have spare parts wherever you go. Make sure you have the following auto stuff:

Windshield Wiper Blades

Usually, you will have to change your wiper blades every year or every couple of years. But, if you constantly use your wiper blades or they are exposed to the sun frequently, you may have to change them more often. You will know they need to be changed if you see the rubber is wearing down. Changing your blades early ensures that you don’t compromise your ability to see.

Oil and Oil Filter

Your regular maintenance schedule should include changing your oil and oil filter. A lot of manufacturers recommend changing them every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Newer cars have long intervals between oil changes.


Your vehicle bulbs will lose their spark eventually Although they may last up to 7 years, some of them may die sooner if you driving on rough and bumpy roads. Dead car bulbs must be replaced right away to ensure your safety. Plus you don’t want to be in trouble with the law by driving without a functioning headlamp or taillight bulb. You can avoid issues by always have replacement bulbs in your compartment.

Brake Pads

Although brake pads are made to last for a while before they need a replacement, you may not know when to replace them. Thus, you want to ensure you always have them on hand. The life of your brake pads can shorten if stop and start your car frequently and if you aggressively drive by keeping your foot off the brake for a long time.

Spark Plugs

Typically, these parts can last up to 8 years. However, they will cause many issues once they begin to fail. For instance, you may have a problem getting your standard fuel economy and the engine power. When it comes to engine timing, spark plugs play a significant role, so make sure you always have a spare for these parts.