Top Reasons to Sell Your Car to A Car Removal Company

With Paul Car Removal, wrecked car owners don’t have to be concerned with how to dispose of their cars. We are a Wrecked Car Removal Company in Sydney who pay Cash for Wrecked Cars. If in doubt, consider the following top reasons to choose a wrecked car removal company.

Wrecked car owners often have an advantage to old, damaged, and scrap car owners like their cars, trucks, SUVs, 4x4s, etc. often have many working parts under the hood. When selling to a car removal company that buys wrecked cars the cars are dismantled for these parts and then recycled. With our expertise, sellers get extra cash in the hands of car owners.

Wrecked car removal services are a convenient way to rid a property of a wrecked car. Local removal companies like Paul Car Removal provide Sydney car owners with free removals. The removals include buying cars “As Is” with no hassles or work for the owners. Just a simple removal that includes the necessary paperwork to purchase the car, and cash for wrecked cars payment.

Paul Car Removal is professionals that love what they do and do it well. When car owners choose us to rid their property of their wrecked cars, they are choosing an eco-friendly choice as cars don’t sit on an open plot, nor are they disposed of in a landfill. Cars are dismantled & recycled.

With Paul Car Removal, wrecked car owners get:

  • Instant cash payments – We pay up to $10,000 for wrecked cars of any make & condition.
  • Free car removals anywhere in Sydney – Car owners let us know when they’d like us there, and we’ll be there. We remove wrecked cars at no cost to our customers, 24 hours a day.
  • Free wrecking – As a courtesy to our customers, all wrecking, dismantling, and recycling are free.
  • Provide the paperwork – When car owners sell their car to us, we provide all the necessary paperwork that puts their mind at ease that they have sold their car to a reputable car removal company.

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  4. Count your cash!

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