Wide Variety of Mercedes Benz Vans Models

Do you require a van for pleasure, business or simply driving around your big family? Regardless, the reason you chose a big van over a convertible, you should lay emphasis on choosing the best. What actually matters is that you need a van rather than a convertible sports car. The point to ponder upon would be which brand to choose. Among the several options available in the automobile industry, you should look for Mercedes Benz Van. You should be rest assured that Mercedes Benz vehicles are highly priced. Therefore, either you should have adequate money in your bank or you should be eligible for loan.

Different kinds of Mercedes Benz vans

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van has been among the popular commercial vans worldwide. The flexibility and durability of the van would enable you to meet the specific needs of several different customers. The van has been made available in five models as listed below.

  • Cab – The cab version would entail the chassis being used as the base for customization.
  • Passenger – The passenger version would accommodate nearly 12 passengers.
  • Cargo – The empty cargo area at the back would provide you with adequate space for your respective cargo needs. The front of the van would entail two passenger seats.
  • Crew – The crew version has been known to accommodate two to five passengers in the seats available in the van.
  • Minibus – The minibus has been popular for transporting approximately 19 passengers. The minibus would entail customizable seats for your transportation needs.

However, you would have several newest Mercedes Benz van models. A popular option would be the medium sized Metris. It has been a user-friendly, easier to handle and smaller version of the Sprinter. It has been made available in passenger and cargo versions as well.

Customizing the van

Customization of the van would need you to place special order with the Mercedes dealer. It would be possible by the dealer, provided you could wait for some time. The dealership has been popular for providing special order for vehicles as and when you need. They would add rails, racks, generators, sets, bins and other equipment suitable to your needs.

Special features of the Sprinter Van

The Sprinter Vans have been made available in a wide variety of wheelbases and roof heights. In addition, you would be able to lay your hands on the latest all-wheel version. It would make it easier to accommodate passengers and cargo while travelling across rough terrain or poor weather conditions.